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All of the video material we produce at Omedia is done to the highest technical and production standards. At present, we film to HD standard, with a facility to provide footage in UHD (4k) if required. This ensures maximum flexibility for the client and longevity for your project. It also enables us to revisit your project in the future to update it, where your business has added a new product or service, or where a new facility or wing has been added to the premises, for example.


We also provide access to fully-insured, highly trained drone flying, which is a service we facilitate through a third party company based in Sligo.


Additional equipment included as standard in our costs are popular items like stabilization gimble & flexible daylight and tungsten options, and our post production editing is done on Final Cut Pro.


Omedia chooses specialized, experienced broadcast operators for every aspect of our productions. Each crew member is chosen for his or her specific talents and suitability for a particular shoot or edit. This gives us the ability to maintain Omedia as a price-sensitive, competitive organization, and ensures we pick the right talent for each job, giving our clients the confidence in our ability to deliver each and every time.


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