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If you have an idea about having a corporate video produced for your business, the chances are there are going to be several questions you'll want to ask yourself first. What do I need this for? Will it increase my sales or improve my ability to access new markets? How much will it cost?


At Omedia we know that the production of corporate video is likely to be a significant investment for our clients, but it's one that we bring you through step-by-step before you decide the kind of product that best works for you and your budget.


Therefore, we will meet you beforehand to discuss your options fully. You get to tell us about your business and the product or service you want to promote, the markets you want to get in to, or whetever aspects of your business you want to promote.


We get to explain how the production process works from our end. We can brainstorm some ideas with you, describe how the production process moves from pre-production through storyboard and developing storylines, into production and filming, on into the edit and then delivery.


We also get to advise you on options regarding cameras, ancillaries such as jibs, drones or stabilization equipment, and the related cost of any of these items.


Every project begins with a blank template, so this meeting is for you to ask all of the questions you want, and at the end of which you'll have an idea of what you will need to budget for the production of the film. At this stage it's up to you whether to proceed, and if you do, then we will send you a detailed quotation outlining all of the individual costs relating to your production, including timelines and delivery date.


After that, clients are as involved as they want to be. Normally we begin the production process, decide on a crew that would suit this particular production, and link in with the client whan the storyboard and/or guide script has been drafted, and before we get to the creative side of filming, the client has a clear idea on paper as to the shape and direction of the corporate film.

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