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If you have an idea about having a corporate video produced for your business, the chances are there are going to be several questions you'll want to ask yourself first. What do I need this for? Will it increase my sales or improve my ability to access new markets? How much will it cost?


At Omedia we know that the production of corporate video is likely to be a significant investment for our clients, but it's one that we bring you through step-by-step before you decide the kind of product that best works for you and your budget ...


Omedia can live stream your event, conference or training seminar to viewers across the world.


With encrypted access, so that only those you want to share with can view the content, or streaming on public platforms, we can make your content available for as many or as few viewers as you want ...


The idea of standing up in front of a group of people, or of having a camera and microphone put in front of you unexpectedly can be an unnerving and uncomfortable situation.


But there are ways to address the fears you may have about speaking at a conference, running a workshop, dealing with clients in a professional and assured manner ...


It can make a lot of business sense for people to communicate using video. Where companies rely on electronic means of communication like email, this becomes more important.


If, like many companies, you find it difficult to regularly communicate with colleagues and clients, we may have a solution for you ...


From booking hotels and conference centres to dealing with clients, speakers and invite lists, we can produce, manage & implement all of your conference requirements.


From smaller scale in-house events through to larger conferences, we will work with you in producing the event running order, do the leg work in relation to booking guest speakers and invited guests, come up with creative suggestions regarding team building breakout sessions, and cover any other aspects required to ensure the smooth and successful running of your conference or event ...


All of the video material we produce at Omedia is done to the highest technical and production standards. At present, we film to HD standard, with a facility to provide footage in UHD (4k) if required.


This ensures maximum flexibility for the client and longevity for your project. It also enables us to revisit your project in the future to update it, where your business has added a new product or service, or where a new facility or wing has been added to the premises, for example ...

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